Teen Girl’s Social Anxiety Group

Teen Girl’s Social Anxiety Group

This group can help your teenage daughter move from lonely and isolated to more confident and connected

Does your teen have difficulty making friends? Is she afraid to go to social events like prom, football games, or extracurriculars at school? Does she avoid birthday parties, dating, or school dances? Is her anxiety so bad that she often refuses to go to school and will make make up excuses for why she doesn't want to go? Is she afraid to talk to teachers or other authority figures? Does her social anxiety cause her to be insecure and hyper-focus on making mistakes socially? Does she view herself as socially inept and unskilled? Does her anxiety and avoidance cause pressure and frustration at home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this group can help! This is a 10-week treatment group designed to help decrease your teen's social anxiety by providing practical tools to help them
overcome their fears.

In this group, your teen will have the opportunity to build connections with other girls who also struggle with social anxiety. During group, your teen will learn new ways to manage her anxiety, and will supported as she gently faces her fears. Group also provides activities for your teen to interact and practice skills learned.

Group Therapy Information

Duration: 10 weeks, 75 minute group sessions
Curriculum- group will address a variety of topics such as social anxiety symptoms and exposure treatment, identifying safety behaviors, understanding the role of avoidance, identifying thinking errors, engaging in thought restructuring, practicing mindfulness, and understanding shame.
Intake assessment: prior to placement in group, an assessment is required to ensure the group can meet your teen's needs and goals.
Fee: $650 for the 10-week group therapy package