Marital Therapy

Marital Therapy

Are you and your partner struggling? Do you get stuck in the same pattern of fighting? Do you miss the days when things felt easier between you two?  It may be time to get help. Couples counseling can improve connection, communication and relationship intimacy between partners. It can also provide the necessary clarity if the relationship can be saved.

“Great marriages aren’t about clear communication – they’re about small movements of attachment and intimacy.”
-Dr. John Gottman

Common relationship issues:

  • Communication issues
  • Affairs
  • In-laws
  • Blended families
  • Addiction
  • Pornography
  • Mental Illness
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Financial issues

In session, I work with couples to discover the underlying relationship issues that have led to the conflict and disconnection. I help couples work through the hurt and resentment and learn healthier, more adaptive ways of relating to each other.  I utilize the Gottman Couples Therapy Approach in session.

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